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May 11, 2018

Bose QC 35 wont turn on (checked other solutions on the board, didnt work)

Ok, so basically this is what happened.

I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I turned my laptop on, put my headphones onto my head, turned the qc 35 on (noise cancelling started), then I plugged my headphones into my laptop via the cable (cause my bluetooth on laptop sucks, idk why) and basically the second i plugged the aux into both ends my headphones just went off (noise cancelling stopped). Ever since I cant get them to turn on anymore. Ive tried the reset some guys mentioned in threads on this board, turn off wait 30 sec plug into wall wait 5 sec unplug wait 1 min. I probably tried that over 10 times since yesterday. I also had my headphones charge overnight (thought might help, but didnt). I also tried charging it over laptop rather than wall, both options unsuccessful. Then i went ahead and plugged my headphones in via microUSB and did a firmware update over the website, tried turning them on afterwards, didnt work.


When I charge them I can see the green light under the volume buttons. s o s please need my headphones


Edit: I also tried just using aux, like, leaving the headphones off and plugging them into laptop and phone via aux. Device is being recognized but i dont get no sound when playing music, headphones stay quiet

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Aug 25, 2017

Re: Bose QC 35 wont turn on (checked other solutions on the board, didnt work)

Hey there!


Welcome to the community, I'm glad that you reached out!


That's interesting behavior!  Based off of what you're describing I would recommend reaching out to customer support, you can use this link.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us".  


I hope that you have a wonderful day!


Please take the kindest care,

Shiloh - Community Support