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Feb 5, 2017

Bose QC30 v2 ultimate - Wishlist



So I've been using a number of different earphones/headphones/headsets over the years but I keep coming back to my QC30s, even though they really upset me. So close, yet so far away from the perfect headset:

- I love the looks, sound quality, ease of use, ruggedness, ANC, battery life, dual device connectivity... Above all, to me they are unmatched in terms of comfort, they are the only ones I can wear for hours without discomfort and that's a game changer. Or let them dangle around my neck when not in use. But:

- I hate the fact that they tend to "spin" around my neck when I move around. Also, I've had to return 3 pairs already (no hassle exchange by Bose, well done) because the rubber coating would expand and partly separate from the main body. And then there's the voice call quality: It's the worst I've ever had on a pair of headset, including cheap no-name brands. It's that bad! Why? Because the headset uses the right ANC microphone to pick up your voice in calls. It is thus completely in the wrong spot for voice capture (being on your right ear), and it is also mainly tuned to capture ambient sound as much as possible (because of ANC). And with no or a very poor microphone noise cancelling algorithm, the whole thing becomes a big mess in a noisy environment, and nobody understands what you're saying if you're not in a perfectly quiet, closed room. Deal breaker right there!


So, dear Bose, please update this headset as follows and I have no doubt that everyone will love it:

- Replace the coating which is in contact with the neck/shoulders with a more slippery one, but keep the rubber for the rest (and make sure it doesn't expand over time). Also maybe review weight distribution in the neckband. This should reduce the "spinning" a lot.

- The silicon earbuds could be better secured to the headset: I've nearly lost them many times...

- Add a voice mic in the remote (if necessary) but mainly invest heavily in the voice noise cancelling algorithm. Or retro engineer or steal it from Asus' ROG Strix Go headset. I suggest the former.

- Ah yes: Bluetooth 5.0, thank you very much.


Once the product is ready, please notify me immediately. 

You are welcome,