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Mar 9, 2020

Bose QC35 2 Bluetooth Dropping Out Constant issues related to LE

A Bose customer of 30+ years & after having issues for the last 3 months of constant bluetooth dropping/restarting issues during phone calls and music playback while connected to a variety of  apple and android devices its time to move on to Apple/Beats products, its such a sad day for Bose.


I have 2 sets of Bose QC35 2's in black and silver, and they both have exactly the same issue. I cannot even make a basic phone call without bluetooth drop outs and bluetooth restarting/ re-pairing issues mid call or mid song every 3-5 minutes. 


I have read hundreds of posts on this forum about the famous QC35 Bluetooth dropping out/restarting issue becoming a major frustration for Bose customers yet Bose refuse to acknowledge the issue and fix it via software & updates. It is clearly an issue with how Bose have decided to manage LE (low energy) Bluetooth settings in the last few QC35 2 updates, Bose's recent updates have almost rendered the QC35's entirely useless. Some may be lucky to not have the issue, but reading these message boards hundred and thousands have exactly the same issue as I am having.


What is also frustrating is the admins on this site pretending to try and help people with the same old "Basic Advice" "Clear your bluetooth pair list and re-pair" that in no way goes towards helping the issue yet want up votes and likes on their shallow responses and mark posts with "solved" when the issues are very much are not even closed to "solved".


Bose used to be reliable and premium, this is no longer the case. Their people lack the intelligence to any longer build relaible and premium products you can rely upon.


Good bye Bose, I have over $20,000 worth of Bose soundlinks, home theatre set ups, headphones, earbuds and computer/hi-fi speakers in my house that I will slowly replace with alternate brands and vow never to buy another Bose product for as long as I live.


See you later Bose.