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Mar 2, 2019

Bose QC35II - Audio Latency

I just purchased a pair of Bose QC35II headphones yesterday and I have a significant problem with audio latency using the YouTube and Facebook app on an iPhone 6. It works perfectly on the safari and chrome apps, I’m not sure if it’s the headphones’ fault or the apps themselves.

Is there any possible way to resolve this issue?
Should I test it on another device and see how it works?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bose QC35II - Audio Latency

I have a QC35ii and an iphone 7+ and just played a couple of videos on my youtube app and did not have any latency issue.  So it would behoove you then to figure out what is the difference between us.


1. First make sure you have the most recent version of iOs and update ALL your apps from the app store (especially Youtube and FB which update regularly).

2. Then look at your connection.  For example, when I tested, I used my home wifi on my low band (2.4 Ghz) [I actually have a much faster connection on my 5 Ghz high band].  Speedtest said its 54.9 Mbps.  It is that high send I have a rather fast Comcast Xfinity connection.  So when I speedtest with LTE it is only 4.92 Mbps.  I did not test latency with LTE.  If you are using LTE, that may explain the latency (or may not).


Since we are talking about smartphone latency and not PC/Mac latency, I highly doubt it is the QC35ii or something that can be changed in the firmware (I do not work for Bose).  There are certain performance limitations under Bluetooth 4.x that will be imho more restrictive than say BT 5.x which is supported by the iPhone 8 and X and future versions of Bose headphones.