Bose QC35II Bluetooth Range Issue

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Bose QC35II Bluetooth Range Issue

I have recently purchased a new pair of QC35II's in Midnight Blue, which look and sound amazing, however there is one big glaring issue, Bluetooth range.

All it takes is for me to start to walk out the room before music starts breaking up, before getting the connection lost message when I've walked into the kitchen or started walking up the stairs.

To confirm what I've done already-
Reset and reboot of the headphones
Clearing the pairing list on Phone + Headphones
Resetting the Bluetooth on my phone
Updated Headphone firmware to latest version 3.1.8

All of this, and still no luck Smiley Sad.

I should mention I also own a second-hand pair of 1st Gen QC35's which don't have this issue, I can go to the next room, upstairs, outside to the garden, zero break up problems. I also own some other Headphones in this price range from Bowers & Wilkins/Sony & Sennheiser, and none of them face issues with range.

The Bluetooth source was my phone (OnePlus 5T), however I also connected to my laptop, which was just as bad.

What options do I have, any other troubleshooting steps I have missed, is it worth getting these exchanged or should I just return?

It's such a shame, as my ears seem to warm towards Bose's sound signature, which I love, but something as simple as this is slightly infuriating.

Thanks in advance for any help given Smiley Happy

Re: Bose QC35II Bluetooth Range Issue

Hi michaeljefford


Thanks for writing in!  

The QC35 II should still have the same range as the QC35 I which is roughly 30 ft.  The tough part is that Bluetooth signals can degrade through walls and different materials, which can cause the headset to lose connection. 


If you feel that there is an issue with headset I would definitely recommend contacting your local support team by clicking HERE.  Just select your country and Contact Us at the bottom of the page.


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support