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Nov 14, 2018

Bose QC35II -Possibility to swap Left and Right channel

With the Bose QC35II the earcups can rotate in relation to the headrest. When wearing them, you can rotate the cups 45degrees outward and about 20degrees inwards.

This means that if you have the on the normail way and you pull them down (meaning the headrest is then in your neck) the cups cannot be put flat on your collarbones, but will always be angled.


This is the one thing I find really oncomfortable/annoying. Because when I pull the headphones down I cannot turn me head freely without "scratchin" by the QX35. When reverse the headset (so Left cup on right ear etc), I can rest the cups flat and the issue is gone.


When listening to music I just reverse the headset so if I then temporarily lower the headset, I have a more comfortable wearing. But when listening to movies, this becomes an issues because then the Left/Right audio does not match the Left/Right movie visuals. 

Could be that it's just me being bothered by this, could be of course, as I'm sure they've limited the cup rotation for a reason. But at this point I'm going to try other brands/types to check for this situation. 


So: Based on some searching it seems there is no way to reverse the Left/Right channel for the QC35. Is this true, or am I overlooking something?




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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Bose QC35II -Possibility to swap Left and Right channel

Hi pvdw,


Thank you for posting. That is interesting. This is the first time I have heard about this, but after trying it myself you are correct! I really don't know the process of designing which earcup rotates in which direction. I will pass your concern off to our development dept for a possible answer.




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