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Jun 15, 2018

Bose QC35ii At Apple Store

Just a data point.... I happened to be at a large mall here in Houston last night and walked into the Apple store.  Saw four boxes of QC35ii - 3 were AE and 1 was AZ.  The Apple person I talked to had no idea there was a difference.  He never heard of AR. He also did not understand bluetooth and did not know what BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was.  He was also (obviously) not familiar with any of the ongoing issues we had here (such as the QC35i turning itself on).

So if you buy from an Apple store - beware that the sales people may know their Apple but really don't know anything about Bose.


(of course, I do not have a 'statistical sample' as I randomly picked the Apple person nearby)

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Mar 11, 2019

Re: Bose QC35ii At Apple Store

The good news is that AE batch are still on sale, so if people don't want AR I would go for the AE version as they are less likely to have the noise issue.