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Feb 28, 2019

Bose QC35ii Bluetooth connecting to Samsung Smart TV UA65MU7000XXY

Hi All,

I have searched and searched for the fix on this, but I cannot find a good solid solution. 

I don't believe a fix is to clear everyhing then try to pair them again. It is still hit and miss. My headphones connect seemlessly to all Apple products.

Iphones, Ipads and PC computer. But I cannot seem to get them to seemlessly connect to my TV which is SUPER annoying. Its like the headphones talk a bluetooth to the TV bluetooth. I cannot see the TV throught the Bose App......

Both TV and Headphones are up to date with software too.




Re: Bose QC35ii Bluetooth connecting to Samsung Smart TV UA65MU7000XXY

Hello zzreedy,

Thank you for reaching out to the community, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your QC 35 II Headphones. 

It is worth noting that the headphones aren't designed with this setup in mind, they are primarily for connecting between phones and tablets. 
saying that, it is possible to connect them to your TV via Bluetooth but it may not provide audio in sync with your TV's video. 

You could try power cycling the TV and the Headphones and trying to pair them again. But as I said the headphones aren't designed to be connected to TV's 

Hope this helps, If you have any further issues please do drop a message! 

Hope you have a wonderful day! 
Liam - Community Support