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Aug 21, 2018

Bose QC35ii nearly deafened my left ear with siren sound

Posting incase anyone else experiences similar issues, I started experiencing a lot of trouble pairing or staying paired to my Mac Book Pro or iphone X since purchase. Today it was rebooting in a loop telling me my battery levels but never staying connected to any device long enough to use the headphones. I'm on the latest firmware with no firmware available from either the Bose Connect app on Mac or iOS. Lots of crackling and popping. I had tried the 5 second usb reset power in the wall trick as well as clearing all bluetooth multiple times. My headphones often will keep the power light on even when the headphones are 'off'. Then out of nowhere today while troubleshooting the headphones output about a 1.8khz signwave so loud my ear is still ringing 30 minute later and literally woke my kid in the next room. Dangerously loud volume that I've never experience from any headphones before. I'm still in shock (and pain) that happened as I threw the headphones so fast and hard off my head. 


Bose was quick to setup a warranty repair but still wanted to post incase others are experiencing similar issues. Seems like I got faulty hardware.