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Dec 25, 2017

Bose Sound Sport Headphones Not turning off



I used my Bose Sound Sport Headphones since half year connecting to a iPhone 6S. No issues at all. Now I changed to Iphone X and the headphones showing a faulty character:


1) after connecting to the phone, they automatically reconnecting

2) they resetting the stored pairing device and keep on restarting

3) the phones will not be able to turn off anymore, even waiting for 15min or longer

4) after charging the phones and unplug it, it automatically "on" itself and keep on asking to pair a device


I am very disappointed about this as BOSE charging an incredible price for those Headphones but seems the quality on the software is not matching with it.


Please hep me and explain what I can do to reset my headphones or restore it so that it will function again.


Appreciate any help.



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Aug 25, 2017

Re: Bose Sound Sport Headphones Not turning off

Hey David!


I'm so sorry to hear about the trouble that your headphones are giving you. This is interesting - because the headphones work well with your iPhone 6 I think something happened through switching to your X.  Let's try a few steps:


  1. Turn the headset off and wait for 30 seconds.
  2. Plug the headset into a USB power supply via USB cord and wait 5 seconds. (Power supply needs to be plugged into the wall with power on).
  3. Unplug USB cord from headset and wait 1 minute.
  4. Turn on the headset and test if the headset works properly.


After you complete the reset let's clear the pairing list.  To clear the list just slide the power switch all the way to the right towards the Bluetooth symbol and hold it there for about 10 seconds, you should hear a voice prompt letting you know that the list is cleared.  At this point make sure to delete the headphones from your device's paired lists as well then try that connection again.


Let me know how it goes?


I hope that you have a lovely day and take care,