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Apr 28, 2019

Bose Sound Sports wired in ears fixing!!

Hi guys,
A newbie here...🙂. Look I have this awesome pair of bose sound sports wired version earphones which I almost used for 5 years without any issue. But recently, it began to tear off its wire insulations as if it's being deteriorating and all of the sudden my right here piece stopped working. As a Sri Lankan student from a middle class family, I invested a fortune on these babes...and can't afford anything similar at the moment.
Anyhow, this idea came to me when I was wandering around gadjets in ebay! What if I can create my ear pieces detachable ones, just like they do with those shure SE IEMs?

So....., Can somebody please tell me whether its possible or not to hook my Sound sports ear pieces with MMCX audio cables????? If so let me know the specifications and required electronic components as well (such as number of cores/types of connectors/and etc.)