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Nov 26, 2018

Bose Soundlink around ear wireless headphone product quality

I have a Bose Soundlink Around ear wireless headphone which is now 2 years old. Two years ago, I had decided to purchase a Bose headphone because of the all the great things that I ha dheard about the product at that time. But now my perception about Bose products and the company has undergone a radical change. Recently the volume up button on my headphone has stopped working and it pauses the music whenever it is pressed. The button doesn’t feel tactile and it seems like a hardware issue. A google search online showed that it’s a very common issue faced by many users and certainly seems like a design/build quality issue. I contacted the customer executives acting like robots at their helpline number and they simply directed me to visit the nearest service center. When I visted their service center at Saket, New Delhi , I was told by the service executive there that since the product is out of warranty, they can provide me a 25% discount for buying the same headphone again. It seemed like a ridiculous joke where they were asking me to buy a new headphone for a malfunctioning volume button when it is evident that this is a design flaw at their end. It is asking a car owner to buy a new car for a malfunctioning spark plug. Subsequently I wrote an email clearly expressing my displeasure at the poor quality of the so called premium products . Recently I was contacted again by a Bose representative who has undertaken a lot of effort to provide me a 30% discount for buying the same headphone again. 


Considering the poor build quality and the inept & unprofessional customer support, why would I buy anothee Bose product again when there is every chance of it malfunctioning after a year of usage. Even cheap chinese headphones are more durable than Bose Headphones. It seems Bose deliberately makes headphones with inferior build quality so that they can fleece the customer after the warranty period is over. Bose current repair policy is nothing but organised loot and legalised plunder.




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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Bose Soundlink around ear wireless headphone product quality

Hi S Sinha,


Thanks for taking the time to post. We are very sorry for all the trouble you have experienced with your headphones. We understand it's frustrating when a product stops working properly. We generally don't repair headphones but would rather replace them with a new pair. Even beyond the warranty period, we try to provide service options that would involve a replacement at a discounted rate. For the available options for your situation, we would encourage you to work closely with your local support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use.


Click on your country, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bose Soundlink around ear wireless headphone product quality

I tend to like the analogy with a car.  If it is specific to a particular car, then it is likely 'wear and tear' and the owner is responsible for repair.  However, when a large group (not going to define here how large), have the same problem or the manufacturer determines on their own that there is or CAN BE a defect, they issue a 'recall' and offer to fix or replace the product at no cost the customer.  This is how companies maintain their reputations of high quality and service.  I applaude Bose for selectively replacing some of the users equipment with replacements.  But the rest of the users are offered only discounts.  If a product truly has a malfunctioning part which is a defect for a larger group of customers of the same product, it should issue a recall.  Firstly it is the right thing to do and then economically, it is much less expensive than having the legal costs of defending against a class action suit whether they win or lose.  Branding and being in the forefront of technology made Bose what it is.  But many vendors have caught up with the technology, and Bose doesn't and shouldn't want its brand to erode over time.

Many customers like me have had investments in Bose products for a long time.  I purchased 701 (floor standing) and 201 (shelf) speakers in the 90s and they are still in use in my businesses to this day (I write music for film).  Since then I have purchased many in-ear and over-ear products.  I want to be loyal and so I may give Bose more slack than many others who have not vested themselves in Bose products across 20 years.  Trust and loyalty need to be earned but they can just as well get eroded over time.