Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

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Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

Im going on my 3rd pair in 2 weeks, im so glad i found this thread. i Cannot belive that this issue has been going on for so long and nobody admits the fault, Tech suport said they are probably a faulty pair and i should return. They should atleast admit there is a known problem. incredible!

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Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

Here’s the latest from Bose in my discussions with them. I really do hope they are working on a fix... I’m not prepeared to give up just yet!!

Dear Aaron,

Thanks for your email.

To answer your questions, yes Bose is aware about the Bluetooth dropout issue. But currently we haven't received any update from our development team if software update will be available in near future.

If you are not satisfied with the device performance you are entitled for refund from the Place you purchased from or you can contact our customer service team at 1800 023 367 for refund. Also, If you would like to swap with other Bose headphones Please let us know which headphones would you like to with & will assist you further with exchange process.
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Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

What amazes and should I say disappoints me the most is Bose's lack of accountability in this fiasco.  I had 3 pairs of the Soundsports before I gave up.  I loved the sound and comfort but hated the left ear drops at every corner of Manhattan.  I have the Bose QC30.  Love the noise cancelling and the sound quality....hate the neck band.  


The QC30 may have a slight interference once or twice on my 1.8 mile walk to work in NYC but just a fraction of a second.  I expect that with bluetooth.  Not what is happening with the Soundsport Free.  I'm only a stupid accountant and not an engineer, but the bluetooth connectivity from my iPhone X to my right ear was fine so it is not a bluetooth issue in that direction, so let's stop all the talk of moving the phone to different pockets etc, the phone to the right ear is not the problem  The problem is between Bose's right ear and left ear.  It is time for Bose to admit they have a problem and either fix the issue or stop selling a defective product and making all of us the unpaid beta testers.  


I'm not upset that there is an issue witht the buds, I am very upset that Bose does not admit they have a problem and continues to white wash it with we will exchange it for a non defective model or you can get a refund.  You got a problem Bose so please fix it!!!!

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Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops



I just bought a pair of this headphones and I think I'm joining the club of complaints!!

My issue is when I'm waiking in the street and the left ear loses connection for less than 1 second and then it reconnects. It is doing very often. I imagine it is the same issue that everyone is reporting?


I was thinking to exchange this pair for a Soundsport Wirless. Is the sound quality and bluetooth conectivity better?



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Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

Something is wrong with Bose bluetooth technology, I am sitting here with my newly purchase QC35 and everytime I put my foot on the table (in between the QC and the laptop) the bluetooth connection start to drop occationally, doing exact samething with SSF would be worse. Bluetooth technology should develop way beyond this. Still I love my Bose products though, sound quality is so good, beautiful and comfortable design.


Bose needs to hire a new bluetooth techguy, their competition are doing much better in this department, as well as their dirt cheap Chinese non-competitors.


Re: Bose Soundsport Free Left Headphone Drops

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your contributions to this thread! We do appreciate the feedback and all of the information that you’ve all provided.


We have decided to close this thread for now because there is no new information. 


What we do recommend is keeping your SoundSport Free’s up to date as these updates have been known to resolve many of these issues. 


If you are having this connectivity issue with the left earbud, please reach out to customer support.  You can use this link, just select your country and scroll down to where you see “contact us”.


Thank you again and take care,


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Bose SSF only one bud working

I don’t know how to say this but there might be a lot of people with this issue where only the right sound sport free bud is connecting to my device and the left one has almost become dis functional, only the light in it is blinking the bud is not giving out sound no , matter what. Looks like the left one is out of sync with the Bluetooth connection and not able to find the right buds... this has happend for the 2nd time... first time the earbuds were replaced but now im out of warranty. Is there any solution to it? Or something... plz help bose!