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Apr 19, 2017

Bose Soundsport Wireless Charging issue

Dear Bose Team,


I got a Bose soundsport wireless earphones year back and which got a problem like the plastic rubbers around both the ears and sound control was peeling and came out and was tough to use. I posted in the forum and also went to Bose service center and got a replacement too. This happened within a year of purchase.


The one i got as replacement started having problem with the charging in 3-4 months time. When i try to charge it becomes immediately green and will not charge further. Was managing it for few months and tried all options by changing cable, different power ports, via laptop, via adapters etc etc. All updates and firmware are up to date. Could not use further. Now and then i try to charge or have to try 10-20 times to get some charge for few mins & i can use for 5-10 mins or so.. that's all.


Is there any solution available or update Bose can provide to fix it? Really felt bad that it is getting wasted after the warranty period after spending quite a lot on this product since i love Bose. This model especially got a lot of problems and looks it was never addressed. We get replacement with in a year & after that for the new if there are some issues with in the next year we are gone, because they gave replacement within a year. Now we think that what we get us replacement is a defective one or refurbished one? This is really bringing down the reputation and brand name of Bose. 


Kindly provide some solution or possible a replacement? I currently live in India. Expect a possible solution. Thank You!