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Jan 3, 2019

Bose on ear wireless headphones keep cutting out

Got a set of Bose on ear wireless headphones for Christmas, very nice. But the signal keeps cutting out.  I am getting the sound from my Windows 10 laptop with it on my lap.  When I hooked up the cable direct link, there is no issue. Researching online seems to leave the impression that signal drop is characteristic to pretty much all wireless headphones. This particular set was purchased at Costco for $199.00.  Short of spending another $200 for a more expensive set, is this something that just has to be endured?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Bose on ear wireless headphones keep cutting out

Go ahead and check out the headphones with your smart phone as well.  If it keeps dropping out as well, then there is possibly an issue with your headphones and you should call Bose support to troubleshoot (I do not work for Bose).  You should be able to go at least 10 to 15 feet away without dropping the connection.  If your phone works fine, then the issue is not with your headphone but with your laptop.  In general I have found with all my Bose devices (I have a Qc35, two Revolves, a soundsport wired and a soundlink mini) that Bluetooth on windows computers (windows 7 or 10) will sometimes work and sometimes not.  If the problem is PC related, you will not likely get too much support if any from Bose since they don't have your exact configuration to work with.  In your situation, the PC end consists of two parts - a Windows part and a third party vendor part which supplies the bluetooth hardware/chipset along with the 'drivers'.  In my case, that third party is Intel.  If yours also happens to be Intel as well, then the chances of a clean implementation are rather low.  In any case, you can start by looking for possible conflicts between windows and your bluetooth vendor.  Intel, for example on its web site describes at least two windows updates (for windows 7) that conflict with their hardware.  Similarly, you can uninstall windows updates back up to two years to see if thathelps (you can always reinstall).  If that does not help, you can try to find a newer version of your bluetooth 'drivers', uninstall the current ones first.  Make sure you have removed all instances of the PC in the headphones - in fact a total factory reset is your best troubleshooting bet.  If that does not help, try some older driver versions back a year or so as long as it supports bluetooth 4.x.  If none of that helps, your odds of getting the PC bluetooth end to work with your headphones are low.  You then have three options:

1. Return your Bose headphones and work with one that cooperates more with your PC

2. Continue troubleshooting with one of the three vendors: Bose, Microsoft, or your Bluetooth chipset vendor

3. Disable (that is important) your bluetooth chipset and try another Bluetooth solution - typically a USB dongle.  I did this and purchased for about $12 on eBay the SMK Nano USB Dongle with CSR software drivers.  Intel never worked for me but this solution works on both my Dell laptop and desktop.  No guarantees for you and I am still on Win7 but I have heard here the Win7 and Win10 have similar issues.  Just be aware that not all USB dongles work on the Bose devices.  For example for me, I found "Insignia" DOES NOT work.


Re: Bose on ear wireless headphones keep cutting out

@Randy1955 Thank you for writing in. Sorry for the trouble you're having! Just wanted to check in if you were able to see any improvements with the troubleshooting steps offered here? Let us know when you get a chance. 



Thank you again, 



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