Bose on-ear wireless stopped paring

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Bose on-ear wireless stopped paring

hi, I have been using my Bose on-ear wireless headphones for 7 months and then all of a sudden it stopped paring with my iphone 7 plus.  I keep getting the message: "Connection Unsuccessful. Make sure "Bose On-Ear Wireless" is turned on and in range."  


It is turned on. It is in range and I still get this message over and over again. I tried turning my phone off and on twice and that didn't work.  My headphones are charged. What to do next?  

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Re: Bose on-ear wireless stopped paring

I am having the same problem. I have tried pairing with 3 devices now. I have turned on and off all 3 devices. Deleting and reinstalling the app on all 3 too. Devices paired successfully just yesterday. Is there a glitch going on or a way to reboot the headphones? Very frustrating. 


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Re: Bose on-ear wireless stopped paring

When things suddenly happen, something has changed.  Does not sound like in your case, it was hardware but to get to the bottom of things you need to troubleshoot and eliminate things.  If its a pairing problem and not hardware, then something has changed on one end or the other (unless it is somehow 'environmental').  So you need to insure your device firmware has not upgraded.  Also keep in mind that in the last two weeks, ios has updated twice with the same version number - 12.1.2, I believe.

Also check others to see if they are having the same problems in the same situation.  It looks like at least one other person has a connection issue.  I partially match - I have an ip 7+ but I don't have on-ear - I have a QC35ii over the ear.  I am not having any connection problems with any of my bose devices and my ip 7+ (qc 35ii, soundlink wired, revolves x 2, and soundlink mini).

Another thing to try is turn off the ip 7+ and back on and factory reset your bose, not just clear the devices.

If you are still stumped, then it's time to call the Bose number and troubleshoot with them (I do not work for bose).


Re: Bose on-ear wireless stopped paring

Hello carolynthegreen! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I'd be glad to help! @joelirwin is correct, something has changed that has made your existing Bluetooth connection no longer viable. You can refresh the Bluetooth connection with the following steps:


  1. Turn the headset on by sliding the Power/Bluetooth switch to the on position
  2. Slide the switch up to the Bluetooth symbol and hold until you hear "Bluetooth device list cleared"
  3. "Forget" the headphones from your device's Bluetooth list (Note: It is important to clear the headphone memory AND remove them from your mobile device)
  4. Pair and test for function


This should get your devices connected again. Keep in mind that occasionally clearing your device lists like this will keep your headphone's Bluetooth memory current. Should you experience difficulties like this in the future, this is a good first step to try. 


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support