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Jan 11, 2019

Bose sleep buds

Bose sleep buds are extremely comfortable but, I think they need to serve more than one purpose for the price you have to pay. Why not make these super comfortable easy to use head phones a dual purpose. Like listening to music! Or just make it available to use on the Bose connect app.
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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Bose sleep buds

Hi David k.


Thanks for the great question. Bose noise-masking sleepbuds™ were engineered specifically to solve the problem of unwanted noise in the bedroom. To achieve a form factor small enough to be comfortable for sleeping AND fit a battery that can support sound playback for an entire night, we made the conscious design decision to not stream audio constantly throughout the night. Instead, we store the sound files on each sleepbud™ and play them back locally, dramatically extending the audio playback time achievable in our breakthrough form factor.




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