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Dec 10, 2019

Bose soundsport All the buttons not working

Hi Bose,


i m having problems with my Bose SoundSport wireless.

— Buttons Not working 

— Does not power off

— Volume auto decreases 

— Unable to answer calls


Kindly provide me a solution for this issue.


Re: Bose soundsport All the buttons not working

Hello MCJ,


Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with the controls on your SoundSport wireless headphones.


Given the nature of the issue you are experiencing, there is something we can try to get your headphones back up and running correctly. What I would recommend we try is a reset of the headset. To do this what we would need to do is: 

  • Power off your SoundSports, then wait 30 seconds
  • Connect your product to a wall outlet using a USB charger, then wait five seconds
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the headset, then wait one minute
  • Turn the headphones back on and test

If this does not work, I would recommend getting in touch with your local support team, as they will be able to help you resolve this issue. You can find the contact information at this link, by selecting your country/region and then the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of the page.


I hope this helps!


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support

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