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Jun 19, 2018

Bose soundtrue “leather”

This was my second SoundTrue AE headphone as the first one was replaced by Bose due to a "clicking" noise that would occur when putting on and taking off the headphones. FYI if I recall correctly you need to pay for S&H even if your product is covered under warranty! I took very good care of this guy but after 1.5 years the "leather" started to peel. 3 months later, this is what it looks like. This is unacceptable considering it cost me close to $200. I own Bose speakers, headphones and earbuds. Their older products were high quality and the price was worth it but it seems like they are cutting corners and bolstering profit margins (sad to see). 

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Bose soundtrue “leather”

Hi Fishwithwings,


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear about your SoundTrues. The best thing would be for you to contact your local Bose support for assistance. If your headset is under warranty we will not require you to pay for return shipping. Here is a link to your local support. Click on your country, scroll down to "Contact Us".




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