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Mar 9, 2019

Can the Bose Soundsport clip be made out of metal instead of brittle plastic?

These flimsy clips are absolutely infurating.  I went through two and I'm desperately seeking a replacement that can survive more than a month of gentle use.  The source of the problem is the spring that gives it the clipping pressure.  The type of plastic used for the clip is not strong enough to withstand the pretty powerful torsion spring between the plates, which buckle to the pressure.  Since the plastic is brittle it snaps into pieces.

Metal clip plates would be able to withstand the torsion spring easily and it can be manufactured out of a lightweight aluminum.  I'd be willing to pay upwards of $10-15 to solve this terrible design once and for all. I've already spent upwards of $100 dollars on headphones and another $10 (including shipping) on a replacement clip that broke the same way.  Reading reviews on amazon clips, nearly every question is "what other clip works". I'm surprised Bose hasn't addressed the design flaw and issued a replacement.