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May 13, 2019

Cannot connect QC35 to Samsung smart tv or macbook pro


I have problems connecting my QuietComfort35 to MacBook Pro and Samsung Smart TV. It is strange since I can easily connect these to Iphone X and I have earlier been able to connect to tv and laptop too.

Sometimes other devices can’t find the headphones at all. But usually the problem is when trying to connect and the reason devices give is ”check that headphones has power and is within BT range etc.” And of course I have charged the battery full and I’m standing next to the tv or macbook. New problem with macbook is that the laptop claims that the headphones are connected but I can’t hear anything or use microphone (even if I choose from macbook’s settings to use my quietcomfort as external speaker&microphone).

I’ve emptied the list of paired devices (many many times) and have installed newest updates to all these devices, but nothing works. Could you help me?


Re: Cannot connect QC35 to Samsung smart tv or macbook pro

Hello Kalleairila, 


Welcome to the Bose community forum. Thanks for your post. 


I'm sorry to hear you are having issues with your QC35 headphones. It is unusual that this is happening but I'd be happy to assist you in attempting to resolve the problem.


Firstly, I would recommend that on all of your devices that you plan to connect to, there is no residual data from a previous pairing of the headphones. You may see QC35 NOT CONNECTED on the list. Please ensure this is fully removed. 


Next, please make sure you clear the memory of the headphones by switching them on, and by holding the power button in the Bluetooth position for around ten seconds or until you hear the voice prompt say "device list cleared."


Once you have completed these steps, the Bluetooth icon on the headphones should be pulsing a shade of blue to indicate that it is now in pairing mode ready to accept new connections. 


On your devices, I would recommend powering them off for a minute or two, then power them back on. 



Kind regards,


Jeff G

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