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Jul 2, 2019

Clanks and setting DIRECTIVITY

I did not wish to be contacted so I did not get my score....

I am an electronics designer, albeit 76 years old, and I have one serious difficulty and one suggestion.

The difficulty is clanks and snaps are extremely over amplified. Probably fixable by a software tweak. I use a world volume of 58 to get the clank of a fork on a plate to NOT HURT I have to use a level of -47. For this test I was using Front focus and Treble of 1. In every other respect, with the possible exception of a little squealing now and then, truly an amazing product. My $3500 hearing aids are headed for the trash. My wife uses hers at 40 and she has some of the same problem. I have a brother and he uses his at 80 and says it is not a noticeable problem.

Suggestion, When setting the focus with the buttons on the pendant, it would be nice if there is one beep for focus, two beeps for 50% and 3 for everywhere, I do not always have access to my phone, or  I do not want to access it, I may not know my starting focus setting so I do not know when I am at the correct focus setting.