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Aug 12, 2019

Community Forum Feature Request: Top-level grouping by product

Title: Provide forum granularity at the product level


Feature:  As a user of the forums, I want to discover feedback on a particular product I own, only.

Design goal: Users should be able to easily discover, read, reply and sort through the forum messages for the product they are insterested in or own.


Exit Criteria 1: Adds a level for products

Exit Criteria 2: Includes all recent products.

Exit Criteria 3: Consider capturing legacy products into an 'Other' category, breaking this out based on actual usage/popularity.


UX: As a user, I can see:

Headphone > Around & On-Ear Headphones > Noice Cancelling 700 Headphones > 


Workaround:  Add tags on a per-product basis, so that the existing tag-based-filtering can be done at the product level.

Keywords: Lithium Community Forum


Re: Community Forum Feature Request: Top-level grouping by product

Hi NickDrouin, 


Thanks for posting and providing us with this great feature request. 


I will forward this onto the relevant teams for you and if you or any other community members would like to see this or any other features added please do let us know! 


I appreciate you attempting to help us improve the Bose Community. 


Kind Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support 


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