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Mar 26, 2018

Connect Bose QC35 II with Siri?

I know that I can use the action button to invoke google assistant. Is there a way I can do the same with Siri when paired with an iPhone?

The Bose connect app offers only 2 possibilities for the action function- noise cancellation and google assistant.




Re: Connect Bose QC35 II with Siri?

Good morning!


Welcome to the community, my friend!  That's an excellent question.


There is not a way to program the action button for Siri.  However, you can use the multifunction button to access Siri.  The multifunction button is the middle button on the right earcup (play/pause button).  If you press and hold that for 2 seconds it will act as an extension of your phone and allow you to communicate with Siri.  


I hope that this information helps!  Let me know if you need any more information.


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