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Jan 4, 2019

Connect QuietComfort 35 II With a PC


I just bought a QuietComfort 35 II and I can´t connect them to my PC (Bluetooth). Is it not possible to connect to a PC?

I Yes, then how do I connect them to it?



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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Connect QuietComfort 35 II With a PC

There is a standard way to connect them to a PC (I assume you mean Windows).  You put the Qc35ii into pairing mode (push switch to the right and hold or in the Bose Connect app in the connections screen tap on connect new.  Then on the PC, go to the Bluetooth devices window and do an "Add Device", "Audio / Video Device" - hopefully you will see the QC35ii appear in the window (getting 'discovered').  You choose it and the PC does the rest.  If this sounds different from your version of windows, it should at least give you an idea of what to do.

Now there are many varieties of Bluetooth - the vendor who implements the hardware and the 'drivers'.  This vendor is different from the operating system vendor (microsoft if you are on windows).  Some implementations work effortlessly and some like my laptop which uses Intel BT, does not work at all no matter how how you try.  Conceptually, the QC35ii should work with everything but in the real world that does not happen and it is highly unlikely that Bose will be of any help troubleshooting (other than to provide instructions on this site).  I have also made suggestions to troubleshoot in many windows posts here and in the "Portable Speaker" forum.  Perhaps yours is effortless or you can troubleshoot your way through getting it to work.  Otherwise, you can keeping at it, return the QC35ii, or as I did, disable the BT hardware and try another hardware solution until you get one that works.  For the SMK Nano dongle with CSR Drivers (about $12 on ebay) worked.

BTW - BT comes in two parts: HFP for phone calls and A2DS for Stereo Music.  You may see two devices.  The headset is the HFP one and works like your car through a single speaker/in mono.  Depending on your BT implementation, you may see two devices online or just the headset with the other always offline (which is of course problematic and not what you want).