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Jun 19, 2018

Connecting QC30 to in flight entertainment system

Are there any recommended Blue tooth transmitters to connect flight entrtainment system to QC 30


Thank you

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Feb 3, 2017

Re: Connecting QC30 to in flight entertainment system

I will be testing mine out in a couple of weeks, using an older Avantree Saturn (regular Saturn, not Saturn pro) I have had for a few years.  I used to use it with my home theatre system with a different set of bluetooth headphones--I haven't properly used them with the QC30.  I did briefly test them by plugging the Saturn into my phone and laptop and streaming some music and some Howard Stern (from Sirius XM) and it seemed to work fine.  

Whatever you use, you will probably notice a bit of lag (lip sync issues) if you're trying to watch movies or tv/videos on the plane, since the QC30 does not support apt-X or apt-X LL (low-latency), even if the bluetooth transmitter you choose does.  I figure for the 2 x 9 hours I'll need to use it for this trip, I can live with it--but I wouldn't want to use this set up on an ongoing basis.

*** Please Note: I do not work for Bose; please don't private message me your support questions!