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Mar 24, 2020

Driver problem to connect QC35 II to Windows 7


I just bought a QC35 II. It works with my PC WIn10, but I have a problem with my PC WIn7: it recognize it as a headset but during installation it said 3 times that it didn't found the correct driver.

The headset appears as a device with a yellow "!" and in the material list, I get 3 lines with Bluetooth saying "Driver not installed". 

I'm pretty sure the driver IS installed on the PC.

I downloaded a batch of drivers, which are in directory windows\winswx, but there are a quantity of drivers and I don't know which is which...

Any hint?

Many thanks!



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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Driver problem to connect QC35 II to Windows 7

@opaliasYou need to figure out who provides the bluetooth hardware for your bluetooth.  It does not come from the PC manufacturer.  For example, for my Dell Win7 laptop, there is a small minicircuit card in the laptop that contains the functionality for both the laptop's wifi and bluetooth and is made by Intel.  So for that laptop you would need to go to the Intel web site and check for the latest bluetooth drivers.  Uninstall ALL the bluetooth drivers on your win7 machine and start fresh with nothing.  Then install the drivers for your BT hardware. If they work - fine.  If not, uninstall them and try an earlier version and keep going back up to 2 years if necessary.  It may also be possible that some win7 drivers have a conflict with one or more of the win7 updates.  For example, Intel on its web site says there are two in particular for intel drivers that require you to uninstall the windows updates first.