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Jan 22, 2019

Ear cushion Replacement for QC35ii Midnight Blue

I am having a hard time looking for spare ear cushion for my QC35ii midnight blue.
I am currently here in UAE still no luck finding it, I spoke already to the Bose retailer here they say they do not have available cushion with the same color. I asked as well to the service center back in my home country (PHL) even them do not have cushion replacement for this colorway. I am thinking if the ear cushion of soundlink, the blue ones can fit onto my QC35ii, that is the closer I can have. Did anybody have tried doing that or aware that the cushion from soundlink will also fit to QC35ii?
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Dec 30, 2018

Re: Ear cushion Replacement for QC35ii Midnight Blue

Check out wicked cushions:



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Re: Ear cushion Replacement for QC35ii Midnight Blue

Hi Noksabalboro,


Thanks for posting!


At this point, if there are issues with the cushions, you may want to opt for a different color cushion if the midnight blue is not available in your region.  The SoundLink AE II cushions actually have a different cushion kit so they will not fit on the QC35II headsets.


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