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Firmware Update Available - SoundSport Wireless/Pulse, SoundLink AEII, QC30

A firmware update will be available today (March 23rd) for the following Bluetooth headsets:


  • SoundSport Wireless - 1.3.0
  • SoundSport Pulse - 1.2.4
  • QuietControl 30 - 1.2.9
  • SoundLink Around Ear II - 2.2.9 

A few key items of note:


  • There will not be an update for Bose Connect app.  The app versions will remain at 3.1 for iOS and 3.1.1 Android.


  • Due to the recent concerns raised and under investigation relating to QC35, this update will be available for these headsets as part of a future release.


Fixes and improvements:


  • Improved audio performance during quiet sections of audio.
    • QC35 headsets have received this already in a previous release (1.2.10).


  • Improved interoperability with some devices.
    • QC35 headsets have received this already in a previous release (1.2.10).


  • Resolves a compatibility issue with PS Vita that resulted in no audio.


  • Eliminates a condition in music sharing where paused music takes extended time to resume.


  • Addresses call answering and voice prompt issues when used with Korean, Mandarin, or Japanese languages.


  • Fixes for voice prompt not heard if device or phone book name begins with spaces.


The subsequent update is planned to have fixes for additional issues that are being addressed.  These include: 


  • Latency/sync issues with some Bluetooth devices.
  • An audio issue relating to Facebook and What'sapp. 
  • Audio dropouts using the music share feature.


Timing of the additional release will be provided as soon as information is available.