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Re: Unlock Google Assitant with Siri

Hi Susja,


It's important to recognize that both Siri and Google Assistant will operate differently on iOS and Android devices -  Siri is built-in to iOS mobile phones and tablets, and as a result, has a heightened level of control over features and functions. The Google Assistant skill is relating all information directly to the Google Assistant application, and functions such as guidance through the Google Maps app will be handled separately, likely the root cause of your concerns. A great testing point here is to test an alternative, third-party headset to compare for results using the Google Assistant feature.


Any words triggered by Siri are handled and processed by the entire device's operating system as a whole. From this, you will have added features of using Siri in conjunction with an Apple device, as naturally, they are two direct competitors. Test using the Siri voice assistant in place of the Google Assistant - you should be able to utilize the built-in maps application to your phone without the requirement to unlock the device. Should you be using an Android device, the preference here instead would be to use the Google Voice assistant instead, again due to its natural integration to the operating system.



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Re: Unlock Google Assitant with Siri

Well .. not sure I could completely agree with you 🙂

Currently I don’t ‘care’ about Google or etc because the issue exist with the Siri and Bose headphone.

I am able to open any app on locked phone using Siri directly from phone but can’t using Siri from headphone.

I think that this proves Bose vs. Siri not complete compatibility. I mean it work with Siri for some commands but does not with ‘open’ app.

Does it make sense to you?