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Jan 4, 2017

Google Assitant vs. Alexa vs. Siri


I just bought QC 35 ii. Before I had QC 35 without 'Action' button.

Now I have to decide which assitant to use i.e. Google or Alexa. I have at home Echo Dot hence sometime I use Alexa. Well ... I decided that for the headset Google Assistant would be better (although I setup connection to Alexa as well in case I want to switch).

Now I have kind of rithorical question: how you guys are using Assistant. It sounds a little bit silly but I am just curious what I real cases when you need it? Also my phone is iPhone hence I have Siri as Assistant and it's not clear when to use Siri and when Google Assitant. Maybe not need to use Siri at all while I have now Gooogle Assistante?

Just wanted to have your opinion and your experience for usage of voice Assistant with QC 35 ii