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Jan 23, 2018

Headset vs Headphone profile priority



  I am typically using my SoundSport Wireless connected to my windows PC and Samsung S8. When using a voice-chat app (Skype/Zoom/etc.) which typically uses a Headset profile, if a sound or notification plays from the phone or the PC, it mutes and distrupts the call. What seems to be happening is that anything received over the Headphone profile, has the priority and mutes/disrupts an ongoing activity over Headset profile. Is it possible to make it so that Headset profile has the priority over the Headphone profile? When I am in a call, I do not wish for any other activity (notification, video ad in browser, etc.) to disrupt the call - the Headset profile should have the priority. Is this a feature that could be added to Bose app, or something that can be corrected via firmware update?




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Jan 5, 2017

Re: Headset vs Headphone profile priority

You will have to go into the sound output settings of the computer and lower the notification volume, or go into its Bluetooth connections menu and disable the headphones profile. I think the audio priority of the headphone profile over the headset is a Bluetooth standard since the headphone profile has better sound quality (but with no microphone) than the headset profile sound quality.