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Sep 9, 2019

Re: I am now disappointed with my new Bose Soundsport Wireless!

I understand what you are saying about the safety issues and wearing a Sports product with noise reduction. But it is my understand, with the new Amazon buds allows you can control the noise reduction, you have the ability to cut it off and on. That is a smart way to allow this feature to be offered with the Amazon Sports Bud. All bases are covered, as far as the safety concerns. Bose could have integrated this feature, you think. 

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Dec 4, 2016

Re: I am now disappointed with my new Bose Soundsport Wireless!

That may depend.  Based on their Noise cancelling 700s it could be that their N/C buds can control the noise, but they don't necessarily turn N/C off.  At level 0 the headphones use the  external microphones to bring sound in (for example if you want to hold a conversation) and is one of the headphones where is sounds closest to not having headphones on (others tend to make voices sound more electronic).

Again this wouldn't be ideal for sports as it would be susceptible to wind noise.


Honestly until we try them and compare them to non-noise cancelling and noise cancelling headphones, you won't know the differences.  Based on the marketing I think they would be nowhere near Bose for quieting down a plane cabin, your daily train commute or even lowering the office noise.