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Oct 20, 2017

I can't hear my alarms on qc35 II

Music streamed from my Note 8 will play through my qc35 IIs... But alarms set on this phone will not.

I would really like to wear these through the night and have my alarm sound through the headphones so that the alarm doesn't wake up my wife.
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Re: I can't hear my alarms on qc35 II

Hi jrhilburn,


Thank you for joining the Community.


I found a discussion on the Samsung forum. It looks this behavior (play alarms through the device speaker even you have connected headphones) is controlled by the Android operating system. Please follow this link to the Google Issue Tracker for more information.


You may have to pick a ringtone you can hear even when you are wearing your QC35 II. If you find one that works, please let us know.