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Mar 21, 2019

IE2 Earbuds

I have had my IE2 earbuds for just about 2 years.  They were purchased for me to use because I had a serious spinal injury.  I mention the injury only to give you an understanding on how these were used.  I was prone for over a year on heavy medication.  The earbuds were plugged into my laptop and did not travel.  Once I was up and around again (about six months ago), I would occasionally take them to the office - but always carefully placed in the travel case. 

The cord began to disintegrate about two months after they were purchased.  I figured I could just patch them once I was up and around.  Since then, they have broken down at every juncture - both earbuds, all three connections to the Y, the plug, and three or four places along the length of the cord.  This should make it obvious that it is a problem with the material used and not with the user.  The sound quality is beautiful, but the manufacture is garbage.

I have researched the issue and come across post after post with the same result.  And the common thread seems to be a refusal by Bose to acknowledge the problem.  It is either a choice of buy a new pair of X or we will replace them for "only 50% to 75% of the original cost"!  That is a sure way to lose customers.

I have been a loyal Bose fanboy for over 2 decades now.  I have owned a bose wave radio, and a set of speakers whose model eludes me at the moment.  After reading and reading I have come to the conclusion that Bose is not interested in keeping their loyal customers. 

You have lost me as a customer for good.  I will gladly pay more to another manufacturer that values their clientele.


Re: IE2 Earbuds

Hi Troutbum! Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community.


I am very sorry to hear about the experience you have had with your IE2 headphones. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality in product and in our service. I certainly will work to set things right for you, and I would like to ask if you would be interested in discussing the situation further through private message, so we can bring you a suitable resolution. Let me know of your response to this.


Warm Regards,


Sam F - Community Support

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