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Oct 17, 2019

Is the Sound Protection Plan for headphone (700s) valid internationally?

I am looking at purchasing the Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 while in the US but I live in Australia and was wondering if the extended warranty offered by the Sound Protection Plan was honoured internationally or not.

So would I be able to contact the Bose service centre here and get help or would I have to send them back to the US for take advantage of the protection plan.

I ask because purchasing in Australia I would get the 1 year warranty but there is further coverage under Australian Consumer Law which I would be entitled to. If I buy them in the US I just want to make sure I don't end up with less of a window from which I could claim assistance.


Thank you


Re: Is the Sound Protection Plan for headphone (700s) valid internationally?

Hi kka973, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community. 


Our extended warranty for the Sound Protection Plan is powered by SquareTrade and is an international warranty service meaning that it will carry over to Australia. In regards to if you would have to send them back to the USA for an exchange, this isn't something that I am sure on and would recommend that you reach out to SquareTrade about. 


I am sorry that I wasn't fully able to answer this question for you. 


Kind Regards, 

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