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May 8, 2018

Issues with Bose soundsport wireless earphone

Had my Bose soundsport for just over 6 months and they’ve become really disappointing for wireless headphones.
From the off I’ve never had 6 hours playback, lucky if I ever got 4.
But for the last few months they just don’t charge. I’ve drained them, reset them, updated them. I plug them in and they just flash Orange a couple times and go green. Nothing I do makes a difference. Turn them on and they say battery 100%. But after 5 mins use the battery is showing red again. I get less than hour playback no matter how long I charge them. They just refuse to keep flashing amber which suggests the battery is defected. I’ve got Bose QC35’s too and never had an issue with them. How can I resolve this?
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Aug 25, 2017

Re: Issues with Bose soundsport wireless earphone

Hi there, Phil!


Welcome to the community!  I'm glad that you reached out.


Based off of what you're describing it sounds like there could be an issue with your headphone's battery.  To see what your available options are I would recommend reaching out to customer support, you can use this link.  Just select your country and scroll down to where you see "contact us ". Support will be able to assist you from there.


Please let me know if you need anything else.


Take care and enjoy your day,

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