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Jan 24, 2020

NC 700 Earcups

Hi All,


I've been using the NC 700 for the last few days and while I love the headset, I have noticed a couple of things that are bothering me slightly:


- Earcups seem small: For me I find that my ear rubs on the foam inside the right earcup but funnily enough, not on the left. Now I know that's not the fault of the headset (big ear probably), however no matter how I adjust, I can't get it comfortable to my liking.


- Clicking noise from the headband on the Earcups: Seems to happen when I'm moving, just hear a *clunk, clunk* from the headband tipping off the inside of the earcups.


- Feint hum from the left earcup: I hear this when there is no music playing. Almost like a static noise which is just about audible. Seems to come and go when the music is stopped.


As I say, I love the headphones in all other aspects and these comments aren't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I'm really just curious if others have noticed the same.