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Jul 2, 2019

NCH 700 vs QC II review

I went to my local Best buy today looking to try out the new 700s and they did have a demo display setup. I went in with a completely fresh palette as I have not previously owned a pair of QCs. I swapped back and forth between the headphones and here's what I noticed.

Regarding the 700s, they clearly sound better than the QC's, it's fairly noticeable even though Bose was shy about this in their marketing. The base is a lot more punchie and the overall sound is more lively.

Regarding noise cancellation The 700 were more impressive, there was a loud conversation going on just a few feet away from me and on level 10 I was able to completely mute it out.

The Build quality on the 700s is insane, the top headband portion of the headphone is more comfortable, it's a sort of soft rubber. the ear cups are just as comfortable as the ones on the QC's and are a little more plush with thicker cushioning.

There is only one strong downside I noted from the 700s beyond the price. Even though the overall padding and comfort on the headband in ear cups is improved the head clamping on the 700s is noticeably stronger than the QC's. On my medium size head I find that head clamping is one of the most important aspects of whether a headphone is comfortable or not.

I don't want to make it sound worse than it is, the head clamping is still very acceptable I think it's just that I found the QC's to be extremely comfortable in that regard.

I hope that information was useful for those of you starving to know more about the experience on the 700!