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Jun 24, 2017

New QC35 ii customer. Sudden connects and disconnect

Just got my new QC35 ii headphones.  Have not downloaded app, yet.  Connected to my Moto G7 Power.  But while playing music, the headphones disconnected the bluetooth, then reconnected several times.


Do I HAVE to download the app to use QC35 ii correctly?  Also instructions sheet hard to read.  How do I adjust levels of ANC? 


Re: New QC35 ii customer. Sudden connects and disconnect



Thanks for reaching out. 


I am sorry to hear you have had issues with disconnections on your headphones. 


The QC35 II does not require the app to function correctly. The app is merely a companion to the headphones to allow updates, and make adjustments not technically possible on the product. 


With regards to troubleshooting, have you tried the following: 


- Unpair the headphones by holding the power switch over to Bluetooth for around 10 seconds or until the voice prompt says "Bluetooth device list cleared"

- Removed the headphones from your Moto G7 in the Settings  > Bluetooth screen. 

- Attempted to update the firmware - A quick way to do this would be to visit this link on a computer, then connect the headphones using the charging cable when prompted.


I'd be interested to hear if this helps at all, so if you can, please report back. If anyone else is having similar issues or has been able to find an alternative resolution, please feel free to join the discussion. 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G - Community Support


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