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Jan 8, 2019

New Version of soundsport frees?

So I just received a new pair of soundsport frees and I really like them except for a couple things that are just big deal-breakers for me. I absolutely do not like the fact that the left earbud has no mono-audio capability. I think it's terrible especially since these are already $200 and it's coming from bose so you expect the quality to be great. I don't know what the advantage of having the right earbud transmit the Bluetooth signal for the left is. I really think that since the left earbud is already using Bluetooth to have audio, why not just connect it to the phone as well? The second big drawback for me is the fact that there is lag between the audio and video with youtube. And from what I read, it's from the fact that Bose uses the right earbud to transmit to the left. Literally doing a firmware update to have the left earbud connect to the right would solve two major problems I frequently see about this product. However, it's been over a year since these have been released and if you would've fixed the left earbud, you would've done it by now. With that being said, will there be a second version of the soundsport frees and if so, can you give us a ballpark range of when? Really. We need it. I would switch, but everything else is even worse. Really if you fixed this everyone would use these unless they're just into looking ugly with airpods.

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: New Version of soundsport frees?

Hi  Zweeg,


Thanks for posting. Those are some valid points you bring up. The SoundSport Free use the recently developed TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology with features that allow L/R stereo separation in a wireless format. To accomplish this the right earbud is designated as the primary and transmits, via Bluetooth, to the left earbud. This method is not without its tradeoffs, including those associated with radio interference. Bluetooth signals are, by design, encrypted for increased security and use compression algorithms to stream your content. Adding additional compression/decompression segments to the signal path has negative effects on the latency. This is why, for example, phone call audio is played through the right earbud. We were able to mitigate a lot of the latency issue you describe with a software update ( we would recommend making sure your headset is updated) but not with all apps at this time. 


We do not have any information regarding new products at this time, but when we do we will post it here in the community!




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