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Aug 13, 2017

No universal Bose Connect App for Windows 10

I just recently acquired a QC35 and I am very happy with the comfort and quality it provides. However, only after I got to know the product a bit better I came to realize, there is no Universal Bose Connect App, which means I am therefore shut out some functionality like seeing/ clearing the pairing list, change the ANC level and what not.

May I ask why you are skipping completely on the Windows 10 Platform with 10s of millions of users? Obviously, not all of those are Bose customers as well, but the potential here is superb.

I could not find the app in the store for neither PC/Laptop, Tablet, XBox, Mixed Reality (HoloLens), and mobile. Very disappointing, given the fact that Microsoft is offering such great tools to port apps from iOS; there should be at least a mobile App for Windows 10. 😐

At least I could update the firmware through the website, which is something.
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Aug 16, 2017

Re: No universal Bose Connect App for Windows 10

I support this comment.  I need the Connect App on my Windows based computer, not on a mobile device running Andriod or iOS.