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Aug 3, 2017

Picking up some Bose QC35 tomorrow need a bit of advice!!

Hey i have purchased some Bose qc 35 in silver, my issue is this, i always wear hair oil and I’m thinking hair oil and the back padding of the top of the headphones is not going to be a good thing. so i did google Headband Cover for Bose QuietComfort QC35. A Amazon result came up it got 2 reviews and they say it sucks. Does anyone know where i can purchase a decent cover to protect the Cushion Pad ? Sorry if this is a dumb question, But I’ve paid £329.95 from an official supplier. i don’t want them to mess up, as before only a few weeks ago i purchased sounds port of eBay for £140 they worked for about 5+ hours put them on charge they never came back on, Bose wouldn’t even touch them for warranty purposes as it’s not a official supplier. i don’t want to make that mistake again even though the sound sport was a sealed box. Thanks