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Jun 18, 2018

Poor Sound iPhones with Bose QC 35

I have the Bose QC 35 which I love, however I seem to have an issue with the sound quality when I connect it with my iPhone7s, so if I connect it to my laptop, iPad either by wire or blueethooth the clarity is amazing, but once I connect it to my iPhone the sound is poor, then I bought an iPhone X, before transfering my files the sound was as amazing as my other devices, once I transfered all the files the issues on my iPhone 7s transfered to my iPhone X and now I have 2 iPhones that have poor sound quality, strangely I have tried all my friends iPhone with the same headphones and they worked perfctly, and to make it even more strange I mad all recommended settings by this community or apple and its still the same. 


I have no idea what to do next, please advice.

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Poor Sound iPhones with Bose QC 35

Hello AlAmmari,


Thank you for reaching out to the community, and sorry to hear about your experience. Based on what you have described, I recommend that you reach out to Apple Support for further assistance. If it worked with your iPhone X before you transferred your files, then it might have to do with something specifically with a file or setting that was moved over. Just for troubleshooting purposes, try a different pair of Bluetooth headphones to see if you experience the same issue. 


Thank you again, 



Mohsin - Community Support