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Nov 19, 2019

QC 35 II - Randomly Shutdown

Hello again,


I have been noticing a strange and very annoying "feature" of the Bose QC 35 II for the past 5-6 months.

During Skype call, or phone call, while dual or single paired, the headphone randomly shutdown precisely after 20 minutes (+/- 1min).

Whatever the battery's at, this happens every time.


I have the last firmware installed, but feel like it is causing the issue as I was not experiencing that before.


Thanks for your support,



Re: QC 35 II - Randomly Shutdown

Hi Fred,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. I am sorry that your QC35 II headphones appear to be shutting down whilst using calls. 


When using VoIP services (i.e. apps with audio or video calling), your product might not receive control commands from the app. In this case—and any case where the product doesn't detect interaction—its auto power-down timer keeps counting, even while receiving audio from the VoIP service. I would recommend that you turn off the sleep timer or set it to a longer period of time. To do so:


  • Open the app and wait while it searches for available Bose Bluetooth products
  • Tap the Settings gear icon to open the product settings menu. (Tip: If you have more than one Bose Bluetooth product, swipe left or right to find it, then tap Settings)
  • Tap Standby Timer
  • Choose the desired time it will take before your headset turns off by itself. 

I hope this helps! Do let us know if you are still experiencing issues. 


Kind regards,

Tegan M - Community Support

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