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Mar 19, 2019

QC-35 II volume is constantly reset to 0

Every single time I connect to listen to music or waych a video, I have to turn up the volume using headphome controls. It doesn't matter what the volume appear to be on my device, I start out with no sound and must turn up the volume on my headphone controls. Once I start this, the volume level on my device reflects the actual volume I hear.

Also, any pause at all including notifications I dismiss causes the volume to again be reset to 0 and I must again turn up the volume using the headphone controls.

This is very annoying.


Re: QC-35 II volume is constantly reset to 0

Hi Bill S! Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community.


I do apologise for the issues you have been experiencing with your volume control not acting as expected. As standard troubleshooting, I would recommend clearing the pairing list of your headphones and trying to reconnect your headphones to your device. To do this, hold the power switch towards the Bluetooth icon for 10 seconds until you hear the prompt "Bluetooth device list cleared". 


Try this and let me know if your issue persists.


Warm regards,


Sam F - Community Support

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