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Nov 18, 2018

QC 35 II waranty terms

Hi there! I decided to purchase a pair of QC 35 II but, unfortunately, there is no authorized seller where I live. Can you tell me which are the waranty terms, if I acquire a product in an new sealed pack but not from an authorized seller? Is there a posibility to track waranty conditions after a product IMEI, for example, if it is available on the box?  To see where it comes from and which are the terms and conditions that are applicable to that specific item that I decided to buy? Thank you so much!

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Dec 15, 2016

Re: QC 35 II waranty terms

Hi BAD75,


Thanks for posting. For questions regarding warranty for specific regions, I would recommend contacting your local support team if possible. Here is a link you can use. Click on your regions, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."


You can also email if you have no local support.




Tony G - Community Support