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Nov 29, 2017

QC 35 why I hear myself when entering game?



When I'm using my QC 35 headphones with my phone everything is good.

But when I connect it to my computer I'm experiencing weird effect.

In some cases I start to hear my own voice and other sounds around me through my headphones. It's not loud, it's more like a whisper, but stil l hear it clearly. This is really disturbing, since it ruins the whole idea of noise cancelation. 


To reproduce it I can do any of the following:

* Open Windows (I'm on Win10) Recording Devices

* Open Skype -> Tools -> Options -> Audio settings (and have QC 35 head-set microphone selected)

* Start game Battlefield 4



* "Listen to this device" is unchecked. In fact If I enable it I start to hear myself loud, crisp and clear but WITH a delay. If I disable it I still hear myself, not loud and crisp though, but with NO delay.

* Disconnecting my phone didn't make any difference. 

* In Skype settings if I select other input device (other microphone) then this effect disappears. 

* This effect is never reproducible with other output devices (i.e. bluetooth GTK-XB7 bluetooth speakers, or other wired headphones or my laptop built-in pseakers)


it appears when computer starts to listen from QC 35 mic, it's either QC 35 itself (!!) or Windows starts to output this sound into the headphones. I didn't have a chance to confirm this 100% as I don't have other bluetooth microphone that I was able to connect to my laptop at the same time as I have QC35 connected. 


So how to fix it? How to stop it playing me surrounding sounds when using QC 35 mic over bleutooth?


Any ideas?

-- Sergey

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Jan 5, 2017

Re: QC 35 why I hear myself when entering game?

The headset is paried and connected to the computer using two bluetooth profiles, basically one is "stereo audio" (A2DP) and the other is "headset audio with microphone" (HSP). When listening to music, A2DP is used.

When on a phone call or using an app that has a commication function and uses the microphone, HSP is used.


If you were to take a phone call, or use an app that listens to the mic, while noise cancellation is on (whenever they are on as that's their function) you'd talk louder - likely distubing those around you unintentionally - to compensate for your muffled voice. To combat this, when HSP mode is activated by the connected device, the noise cancellation drops a bit and the sound picked up by the mic is sent to the headphones for you to hear yourself so you don't unintentionally talk louder. It's a common in feature in headphones called sidetone used by pilots so that they aren't yelling at air traffic controllers into a mic an inch away from their mouth.


Could this feature and the features of the game (communation, playing what you're hearing into the room's audio system) explain what you're experiencing? Try disabling the BT mic or the headset profile. If you still need communication, try a wired microphone if you can route the audio input signal to come from somewhere else.