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Jan 4, 2019

Re: QC 35 won’t turn off

@joelirwinI'm surprised by your comments. I thought other stuff I read talked about firmware changes that affect the on/off capabilities. Didn't you even write in that thread referenced above about it? And wasn't there mention of a firmware update coming in "early 2019" that is supposed to address it?


I highly doubt my situation is realted to a physical issue. I've never stored anything else in the headphone case and I'm pretty careful with my $350 headphones. I'm not saying it is impossible. I did notice it the first time a few weeks after a flight where I brought them along and kept them in their case in my backpack when not using them. But, mine are literally turning on while sitting on my desk in front of me with no touching at all so to me it is more likely a software problem than physical. Even if the issue is due to a switch going bad, for Bose to make something that gets messed up this bad within a year of life is worth them going above and beyond to remedy. It makes them pretty much unusable to me because either they are on and randomly connecting to my phone or computer (as they did about 5 times in the short span of time while I was on the phone with Bose Support making my claim) or they have a dead battery and I can't use them.


In any event, this is a bummer of a situation for anyone affected and I hope it is either resolved by a fix or Bose handles it for people affected.

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Re: QC 35 won’t turn off



Thanks for chiming in on this thread. We would recommend that you take a look at this post.


QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself


I am locking this thread to avoid confusion





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