QC25 Connection Question

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QC25 Connection Question

received gift of qc 25. i do not have Apple devices. i have Android 8 cell and Microsoft lap top / 10.

Bose tech told me to buy an  Android cable to connect the qc 25.

The tech's suggestion seems to me too simple. i am a first timer dealing with this stuff.



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Re: QC25 Connection Question

you have to buy 3.5 mm to 2.5mm audio cable. Try with one of online shoping portals

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Re: QC25 Connection Question

Thanks for your question Yram37,


The QC25 cables are directly interchangeable between Apple and Android devices- I encourage you to reach out to technical support within your region who would be happy to process a part order for you. Our phone number within the USA is 800-379-2073. Lines are open Monday-Friday, 9AM-9PM ET, and Saturday 9AM-7PM.


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